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Inexperienced Sacramento landlords avoid carrying out property maintenance services on their units until when the houses become vacant. They believe that For Rent Signsuch maintenance is a waste of precious time and resources which they can utilize on other productive matters. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Even though conducting proper routine, preventive, corrective, cosmetic or deferred maintenance requires time and money their benefits justifies the costs.

What are the benefits of proper property maintenance?

i. They help to attract and retain long-term renters

Most, if not all tenants want to stay in a clean and safe property. That is why when they come across any problem in your rental property they do not hesitate to voice their concerns. By carrying out maintenance services you get to detect and address such issues before they become problematic. Such efforts make your tenant see no reason to move to a different property, which means, you will continue enjoying an uninterrupted rental income.

ii. Saves you vast sums of money

Routine property maintenance helps to identify and fix small repairs on time. This prevents them from becoming worse and more costly. Besides, they ensure that you do not have to spend a lot of resources to restore the house when a client moves out.

iii. Ensures compliance with the codes and legal statutes.

The state’s building code requires that every landlord provides a house that is safe and ideal for occupancy. Therefore, by carrying out routine maintenance on your Sacramento rental property, you not only ensure that the house is habitable, but you are also complying with the state’s rules and housing regulations.

Also, conducting property maintenance is rewarding. But how does one do that? Here are a few tips on how to properly maintain your Sacramento rental property.

1. Inspect and repair water damage and leaks.

Water leaks can cause severe structural damage to your property if it goes unchecked. Furthermore, it can lead to the growth of mold or destroy your tenant’s belongings. For these reasons, take the time to inspect the property for any evidence of leaks. Some of the areas you should focus on include around the showers, below the sinks, water heaters, boilers, and windows. Stains or patches on the ceilings and walls could be an indication of a leaky or damaged roof, while discolored floor patches could be as a result of a punctured water pipe or faulty faucet.

2. Test the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors

Fire outbreaks in California are not an unusual phenomenon. Therefore, take the time to ensure your Sacramento rental properties have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that work. It doesn’t matter whether you have the battery-operated devices, or the hard-wired versions, just make sure they are in perfect working condition. Furthermore, the signal should clearly display while the alarm should ring audibly enough to warn the residents of the common danger. Smoke Detector

Who knows, you might just save your tenant’s life and your investments from fire damage. Besides, the law requires that rental properties install these devices. This means, that in the unfortunate event of a fire outbreak you are likely to face prosecution if your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors fail.

3. Exterminate frequently

Most owners wait until pesky pests and insects like ants and the notorious sac spiders overrun their Sacramento, California rental property before they consider fumigation services. Instead of waiting until when it is almost too late, be proactive and carry out preventative extermination exercises. Doing so will help keep your investment pest and insect free. While at it, do not only focus on the areas which your tenants detected the critters or vermin. But rather, extend your efforts to all the other rooms, apartments, and property. For better and long lasting results, it is best if you contracted professional exterminators to handle the exercise for you.

4. Inspect the heating and cooling systems

While Sacramento, California is humid throughout the year, the temperatures do drop significantly at around December and January. Which means your air and cooling systems will be operating most of the time. Hence, schedule routine maintenance servicing of these devices to ensure they operate at optimum efficiency. That involves cleaning the gaskets and replacing worn out filters to prevent clogging of the air ducts. Along with providing a comfortable environment to stay in, efficient heating and cooling systems do not shoot up the utility bills. Picture of a heater

5. Drain the water heater

Over time, sediments from the municipality water supply build up in the heater. The deposits end up clogging the drain valve and reducing the radiator’s efficiency. If the clogging continues unabated, it will damage the radiator. For this reason, make it a habit of flushing the water in the heater at least once or twice in a year.