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2 Rivers Properties was founded with the goal of providing professional property management services in and around the Roseville, CA area. We are a full-service real estate company that manages residential homes, apartment homes, multiplexes as well as commercial properties. Our team also handles sales for our clients if they happen to need that as well. We aim at handling every aspect that our clients may need.

Rental-PropertiesOur business has grown over the years due to the relationships we have built. These relationships were of course built on trust, honesty, and communication. We know that these are not the sole qualities that are needed but we strongly believe that no business relationship can survive without them.

Here at 2 Rivers Properties, we pride ourselves on being a results oriented business. Our business has grown due to the high-quality property management services that we offer and deliver. We manage every piece of your investment property with our professional management skills, tenant screening, marketing/advertising, maintenance/repairs and accounting.

Owning an investment property has always been a great decision for anyone looking to build wealth but it often comes at a price. One of the main issues with owning these properties is that it takes up your time. Due to this, it also makes it very difficult for you to own multiple properties, simply because each property requires a certain amount of time and attention. The result being that it vastly limits your ability to grow your real estate portfolio and the income that follows suit.

As a professional property management firm servicing Roseville, CA and surrounding areas, our main purpose is to help manage your properties so that you can make the best return on your investments. We strive at giving you piece of mind so that you can relax and most importantly have more time to do what you please.

Our knowledge and expertise in Roseville property management will assist you in reaching your financial goals. We not only will help you reach these goals but will also provide you with the capability to have more input on your time. This, of course, will help you shape the lifestyle you desire. Working with 2 Rivers Properties will allow you to have more time to do what you wish, whether that is working full-time, spending more time with your friends and family or researching your next investment opportunity. By outsourcing to professional property managers you will be able to know that your investment is in good hands.

We pride ourselves on managing our client’s properties as if they are our own. We handle every aspect to managing a property correctly and professionally. We take care of all the headaches and issue that can arise; ultimately allowing you to sleep at night knowing your property is in good hands. We are fully aware that owning and managing a property is a lot of work. Our experience and systems allow us to handle this is the best fashion.

What we do for you 

  • Comprehensive marketing program
  • Meticulous tenant screening
  • Monthly rent collection
  • Routine property inspections
  • Property repairs & maintenance
  • Monthly rent collections
  • Full record keeping and accounting
  • Deliver monthly financial statements
  • Enforce terms & conditions of lease agreements
  • Tenant notices & evictions when necessary
  • Ensure full compliance with landlord/tenant laws & regulations
  • Manage owner’s utilities
  • Manage owner’s landscaping and pest control needs

About Roseville, California

Roseville is the largest city in Placer County, California and is located in the Sacramento metropolitan area. As of January 1st, 2015, the estimated population of the city was found to be 134,073 (Source). The zip codes for the area are 95661, 95678, 95747 and the area code is 916.


Roseville was formerly known as Roseville Junction, this was due to the history of the area and the railroad that was built. According to the Roseville Historical Society (Source), in 1864, a track-laying crew from the Central Pacific Railroad came to build the western half of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad. This crossed eastward of Sacramento and it crossed a small section of the California Central Railroad, which was dubbed the “Junction”. This, of course, was later named Roseville, the city we know today.


Roseville is known for its hot Mediterranean summer climate. The rainy season generally starts in October and goes through to April. The city’s average hottest month is July with average highs of 94 °F. The coldest month is January with an average low of 39 °F with a snowless winter.


Today, a mix of industries drives Roseville’s economy, both small and large. It has encouraged large retail malls, shopping plays a dynamic role in the economy, having the thirteenth highest retail sales in California. It also holds ones of the largest auto malls in the country, which contributes a significant portion of the city’s sales taxes.


Roseville’s infrastructure has been able to keep up with the large population growth. The city provides all basic amenities for a comfortable living:

  • Electric Services
  • Water Services
  • Wastewater Services
  • Solid Waste Services
  • Natural Gas Services
  • Internet, Cable & Telephone Services
  • Healthcare Services

All in all Roseville, California is a great place to visit and live. If you are looking for a property, give us a call and we’ll help you with your endeavor. If you already own a property here in Roseville and need professional property management, look no further. Contact us and let us show you what we do for our clients and what we can do for you!