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With close to fifty percent of the housing units in Carmichael CA being renter-occupied and having a median rent that is 2% higher than the national average, the area is an attractive haven for rental property investors. Even so Landlords nonetheless must proactively ensure their properties are beautiful and ready for occupation. Furthermore, they must employ effective strategies for advertising and marketing the property to prevent interruption of income resulting from vacant houses.

Inexperienced landlords often do not pay close attention to the kind of marketing efforts they employ. Some go for unproductive strategies, while others provide deceptive or misleading information just to attract tenants. Unfortunately for most of them, they may end up with vacant premises, unreliable tenants or even get into legal problems.

If you are a Carmichael property investor in search of ways to attract quality and reliable tenants, here are a few useful ideas to prevent your property from staying on the market for too long.

For starters, ensure that the property satisfies all the regulations of rental properties. For instance, the inspection reports should be up to date and the house ready for occupancy. Then, you need to craft your rental advertising message to capture the following essential elements.

Rent rates

It is no secret that many tenants decide on which property to settle in based on the rent amount. The clients are well informed and familiar with rental property pricing. Bearing that fact in mind, make sure to price your property according to the prevailing market rental rate. If there are additional charges, such as the Security Deposit, Application Screening fee or New Tenant processing fee, it should be clear in the advertisement. One way of keeping the rent prices low is by requesting a more moderate amount of security deposit. For instance, if you screen your tenants well, you could ask for a one or one and a half months deposit. If you plan on asking for the first months rent, please keep in mind, California Law limits your security deposit to a maximum of two months rent.

Unit Size and Special Features

Every resident wants to feel comfortable and cozy at home. Use that to your advantage and tailor your rental property advertising to attract prospects. Mention in detail the size of the house. It is not enough just to mention the square footage. You could, if available, even include a copy of the floor-plan. Go a step further and highlight the unique features, for instance, does it have an updated kitchen island, refurbished bathrooms, covered patio, hardwood or laminate floors, updated energy efficient appliances or does it include a washer and dryer? These serve as great advertising elements as they help the tenant preview the features of the property.

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Location and social amenities

When residents shop for properties in Carmichael, their primary concern extends beyond the price, size, and features. You have to cover the location and social facilities as well. They want to know how safe, accessible and comfortable the place is. For this reason, make your target audience aware of the location of the house and the useful social amenities it has. For instance, where are the closest schools or shopping centers? How far to the nearest freeway? Is the property situated near attractions like the American River, Ancil Hoffman Park, the Effie Yeaw Nature Center or historical museums? If so, make sure to mention that in your marketing campaign. Include the cross-streets, a map or if possible, even an actual GPS address of the property in the ad, to offer your clients a better house shopping experience.

Number and type of tenants allowed

As the property owner,  you have a preference for the type of tenants you wish to have. While screening of the tenants will help a lot in ensuring you get desirable occupants, you still need to attract those clients. You therefore need to indicate in your advertisement the number of people your units can accommodate. Both the Carmichael city laws and Fair Housing recommend an average of two tenants per bedroom plus one. Providing this information during marketing not only helps to attract the right clients but also prevents you from wasting valuable time on the wrong ones. If you wish to increase your property’s appeal, you could open it up to allow pets, as a majority of the residents in Carmichael are pet owners.

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Be reachable

Nothing thwarts an effective advertising campaign better than unanswered phone calls or un-replied email. It destroys rapport and builds mistrust. Most quality tenants would shy away from a rental property whose phone call or email inquiries go unanswered. Hence, make sure to provide current contact information through which prospecting tenants can reach you. If you are not available for whatever reason, consider forwarding the calls to someone reliable, or enlist the services of skilled contractors who offer property management in Carmichael CA.

Open house dates

A sure way of creating publicity for your Carmichael property is by conducting open houses. It is a superb time for you to show the units to many people concurrently. First, determine the ideal time and date for the event, and communicate that through your advertisement. Then, prepare adequately for it. Ensure everything is clean and the property is properly staged. Make sure you have sufficient business cards and flyers containing the rental property details. Also, show optimism by having a few rental application forms at hand and be set to answer any questions related to the property.

Get Professional Help

While all these efforts will assist in ensuring your property does not stay on the market for long, your best shot at guaranteeing an uninterrupted flow of rental income on your property lies in contracting professionals in property management in Carmichael CA. After all, besides being experienced in the successful marketing and advertising of rental properties, property management firms are one of the first stops where tenants in search of rental houses in Carmichael go to for leads.